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Words from Gainsborough's President.

April 30, 2013 4:50 PM
By Barry Coward President Gainsborough Liberal Democrats
Originally published by East Midlands Liberal Democrats

"History has a habit of repeating itself and British politics is no exception. The Tories are showing signs of moving towards Thatcher's Toryism that based itself on negative policies born of opposition to a socialist based Labour party. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Labour party is now retuning to its socialist roots based on a hatred of Conservative philosophies.

"Meanwhile liberal minded people bridle at dog-eat-dog individualism and reject the bloated and intrusive state. Liberals believe, instead, that the key to lasting prosperity is unleashing the potential that exists in each and every person. This seems alien to many in British politics as it is based on positive thinking not the negative approach beloved of the left and right though hatred of each other.

"Our liberal belief results in us being adamant about the need to reform our clapped out political institutions, no matter how great the vested interests against change. It has been a consistent message from Lincolnshire Liberal Democrats throughout this campaign.

"Meanwhile compassionate conservatism practised by the Tories for almost 30 years, until the arrival of Mrs Thatcher, and then resurrected by David Cameron in 2010 has been sidelined. So-called benefits scroungers have been back in the firing line. Tories used to claim they had gone green, yet have now publicly denounced the importance of environmental protections. Despite millions of ordinary families feeling the pinch, the Conservatives resist making the tax and welfare systems fairer still or making any attempt to stop corporations avoiding tax by using British protectorate tax havens.

"Labour meanwhile is steadily becoming a party of protest, a left wing version of UKIP. Their absence of ideas only confirms that they cannot be trusted on the biggest challenge of our time, revitalising our stagnant economy. The irony is that, while Labour and the Conservatives are pulling opposite ways, they are headed in the same direction: backwards, simultaneously setting their parties' modernisation projects into reverse.

"The Liberal Democrats are different. We will not be dragged one way or another. And as the country continues to navigate the most profound economic storm in living memory, we are the anchor Britain needs: a strong and pragmatic check on both extremes. Join us today."

Five Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat

  • Liberal Democrats in Parliament have cancelled plans for a law which would have kept records of all the websites you visit and all the people you communicate with on social media sites - the so-called snooper's charter. The proposals were an infringement of our privacy that wouldn't have worked to make us safer, so we said no.

  • The latest GDP figures shows the economy is starting, slowly, to get stronger, as we steadily bring borrowing under control and build confidence in Britain again. Liberal Democrats in government have focused on creating jobs and opportunities, especially for young people, and our commitment to a stronger economy is pointing us in the right direction.
  • Crime is falling - again. It's one of the untold stories of this government, but crime is lower than at any time since 1981. Of course, many factors affect crime rates but the Liberal Democrats drive on rehabilitation and treatment both in prison and in the community is paying dividends.
  • Payday comes this week for millions - the first pay cheque to benefit from our £600 tax cut. Everyone who was affected by Gordon Brown's 10p tax fiasco now pays no tax at all on their wages.
  • The Green Investment Bank has issued its first guarantee, enabling the conversion of Drax coal-fired power station to biomass, cutting carbon, helping local farmers who will supply the biomass for Drax, creating jobs and shifting us to a cleaner, stronger economy.